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How to stop losing your leads, optimise the work of the sales team and increase revenue by 18%. Amocrm deployment case at Wahelp


A few years ago the client database of Wahelp was in Excel format. Despite the great opportunities offered by this software, it is not designed to store client data and cannot be integrated with a task planner or a telephony system. Besides, sales managers had no personal access to their client data and any user could change or copy the file which was inconvenient. Also, the previous accounting system did not give a clear idea of the funnel stage the client was at, or what the arrangement with the manager was about, and this led to mistakes and lost leads.



  • transfer the new client records from Excel to amoCRM. Number of system users – 6 persons from the sales team. Technical support – 1 account for all.
  • set up the sales funnel to unify the rules for managers; 
  • connect a telephony system to make calls within and outside the Russian Federation at favourable rates;
  • connect the Wahelp widget for easy communication in messengers;
  • configure the process for getting leads from various sources into the CRM system;
  • connect Salesbot (a Wahelp product) for messaging and feedback automation;
  • connect end-to-end analytics.


What we did:

1. Connected a CRM system and transferred all clients from Excel spreadsheets to amoCRM.


2. Configured the sales funnels for each of our products:


3. Configured the telephony system:


  • MTT Business, an IP telephony service, and linked a number that allows clients to call the company for free.
  • We connected several numbers for dynamic call tracking to Sipuni, a cloud PBX, that collects call statistics and shows answered and missed calls with the possibility to listen to the call recordings.

The use of several types of telephony is driven by the need to minimise expenses as the tariffs for calls to CIS and international destinations vary considerably.

If there are any malfunctions on the side of MTT Business or Sipuni, managers use the working channel to make calls so that the communication problems do not affect the work of the sales team in any way.


4. We connected the Wahelp widget that combines all messengers.

  • Unofficial WhatsApp allows to send messages first and connect bots;
  • Official WhatsApp allows bulk messaging;
  • A Telegram account linked to a telephone number is used most often when the client has no WhatsApp;
  • Instagram, Viber – as a rule, these channels are used to receive messages from other clients.

5. We configured a process to receive leads to the CRM system:


  • requests from the website are immediately marked as “Unsorted”;
  • leads from Facebook/Instagram ads go to amoCRM;
  • all incoming calls are recorded in amoCRM
  • all new messages from WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Viber go to amoCRM where the contacts are made for them.

6. We configured Salesbot that allows to automatically assign tasks at various stages of the deal, send template messages with instructions to clients in WhatsApp and request feedback at the predefined intervals.


7. We connected Roistat that allows to monitor the lead generation channels, make reports on the advertising campaign performance, website statistics, incoming calls and manager's interaction with CRM.



A comprehensive approach to optimisation of business processes allowed Wahelp to achieve positive improvements in the staff performance and financial performance.

For example, monitoring the sales team's calls and conversations in messengers allowed to improve the client service quality which, in turn, resulted in higher profit.

Deployment of CRM made it possible to automate similar and repetitive processes and save request processing time by 35%.

Besides, a clearly structured sales funnel allowed to reduce the deal cycle by 40% and decrease the number of lost clients.

And the use of official WhatsApp for bulk messaging to a specially sorted database of clients increased the sales and resulted in a revenue growth by 18%.

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