Open Channels

The "Open Channels" communication type allows you to communicate with customers via Bitrix24 Open Channels. When you connect to our integration for the first time, a specific contact will be created in the "Contact Center" with the name of our application "Message Help". It will also create a new "Open Channel" with the name "Message Help".

Note: the name of the open channel with our service integration cannot be renamed, because renaming it may cause the open line to stop working and the integration will have to be reinstalled.

After that you can start communicating with clients immediately.

You can write to the first client using the SMS service in WhatsApp. To do this, go to the client's card and send using the "SMS" method (the term "SMS" in this case is purely nominal, the sending itself is done through WhatsApp).

After sending via SMS channel, the status of the message will be marked as "Delivered".

You can read more about the operation of open channels in general in the knowledge base article of the Bitrix24 service itself -

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